CLEAR, Inc. seeks to promote global health through the development of independent, sustainable clinical programs and research systems in resource limited settings with stringent compliance to international standards for the conduct of ethical human research and impactful health programs.


  • We provide capacity development services to organizations, institutions, and consortiums in resource limited settings in Africa and Asia needing to build, strengthen or enhance experience in health programs and clinical research.

  • We develop sustainable operational models for health programs and the conduct of clinical research that can be adapted in different settings.

  • We foster networks, partnerships and relationships within Africa and Asia and locally within specific regions to allow for skills and expertise to be shared further in order to consolidate and leverage resources to support clinical research and promote health innovation.

  • We aid  health programs and research organizations in strengthening ties with governmental agencies through greater dissemination of information and growth of advocacy efforts to help inform health decisions and policies locally.
"Talent Has No Boundaries"
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