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"Talent Has No Boundaries"
The Acronym CLEAR is “Capacity for Leadership Excellence and Research” that embodies the mission and character of our company.  
CLEAR is a cutting-edge consultancy firm whose aim is to build the operational capacity of entities with research activities and health projects in resource limited settings in developing countries especially in Africa.  We specialize in building major systems and institutions in the areas of program set-up and management, clinical laboratory design and management, regulatory compliance and quality assurance, program management, data management and information technology, as well as staff development and training.  The goal is to develop and improve these projects and organizations to the highest possible standard of excellence and compliance to applicable international and local regulations.
The success of CLEAR depends heavily on maximizing the extensive experience and network of the owners in the field of global health and capacity building.  Our company has already established an excellent track record with many professionals, decision-makers, and health institutions in several countries in Africa such as in Cameroon, Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda; and in Asia such as in India and Cambodia.  
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